Dear Baby2: 3rd natural letter for my 2nd baby


T H E  3rd  L E T T E R

Dec. 3, 2011 @12:42a.m.

Dear Baby2,

Howdy! After 17 days, I finally hugged you last Nov. 27. Uh-oh. Glad though that you and your big sis Ate didn’t get the flu from mommy.

Baby, I’m soooo sorry for lately, I haven’t been cuddling, hugging you after Mommy got sick. It’s because Mommy and Daddy are very busy crafting your Web site for your special event 5 days from now.

You’re five months now. I just heard you say the word “yaya” yesterday. When will you utter Mommy’s name, “mom”, “mommy”, or “mama”? Like your Ate, she uttered my name at a latter part than Daddy’s, her previous yaya, and ninang J as “lola”.

This is just a quick letter. I just miss you so much. Daddy will get you from your yaya’s room later. You will sleep beside Daddy and Mommy tonight. Last night, Ate slept beside us.

This is all for now.



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