Dear Baby1: 94th natural letter for my 1st baby


T H E  94th  L E T T E R

Dec. 17, 2011 @ 3:20p.m.

Dear Baby1,

Howdy, baby! How are you now?

Ohhh, I wish you will eat well. When you were 1.4 years old, you’d eat by yourself, and you would chew your food properly. Now at barely 3 years old, it takes you 2 hours to finish your food! Ohh no…You also don’t chew your food. You just let them stay on your mouth for ages. However, when we eat outside, or when there’s a party, you tend to eat properly and you chew your food well. Is it just the venue or the food, baby? This reminds me to print the PDF of foods for toddler.

At your little sissy’s christening, you impressed the guests with your wits. You spoke in straight English when asked. You were so behaved, at first. After awhile though, you mingled with the visitors, and you played with them.

There was a funny incident last week.  I told you that I’d be giving you a new laptop, Mommy’s old Dell XPS, newly reformatted so it’s as good as brand new. I was trying to help you when you pushed me to go away from you. You told me to do my thing in my Apple Macbook Pro, and when I was seated on the sofa (in front of my laptop), you told me to turn around, meaning to face my laptop so I wouldn’t mind what you’re doing. You just don’t want to be taught. You’ve long wanted to be independent – in reading, writing, and in learning anything. But, baby, you need me to teach you first.

There was an instance in reading your book when you insisted that the sound of the letters “am” (aaaammm) was “sa” (ssaaaa)…Haha.

I hope that you’ll be reading anytime soon. Just allow mommy to teach you, baby. I’m glad though that this morning, you were trying to mimic the instructions on the DVD of shapes and colors. I think every morning we’ll be doing that.

This is all for now.



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