Dear Baby2: 4th natural letter for my 2nd baby


T H E  4th L E T T E R

Dec. 18, 2011 @ 3:00p.m.

Dear Baby2,

Hi baby! It’s a week to go and finally it’s Christmas! Your first Christmas with daddy, mommy, and ate. Wow.

You’re now six months, and you have been eating solid on your first day as 6-month old baby. Thank God you just love food but lately I controlled what you eat because I want you to drink more milk than eat your solid. At this stage, milk should be your main source of nutrients.

Ten days ago, you had your christening. Thank God for the blessings. You cried a lot during the ceremony at the church. 😉 I will upload the selected pics as soon as I receive the last set from the photographer.

At six months, you started to roll over every time there’s poop on your diaper. You also “talk” a lot, nonstop, and you sing a lot, too. As always, you adore your big sissy so much. Lately though, when Mommy goes out of the room, you cry. I make it a point now to be with you for at least 7 hours a day. You now sleep with your yaya at night so Mommy will have enough energy in the morning to take good care of you and Ate, and in the afternoon, I can do my work.

It’s so cold outside so it’s just daddy and mommy who go out at night or even during the day. There are times that we bring Ate along with us. Soon, baby, when you’re big enough to weather the freezing cold of the night or day, you’ll go along with us – anywhere. Promise. I’m just scared to let you go out at night because majority of the people outside have colds. I still could not forget the time that you were admitted at Al Salam at 3 months with drip attached on your hand.

You have been wanting to sit down, and you just couldn’t yet. But nowadays, you’re sitting on your side, your left/right arm on the bed for support. You could not last a minute or two without doing something like watching Baby Einstein, or toying something with your hands, or humming a song while doing another thing. You’re just like your big sissy. You’re both like daddy and mommy. We hate wasting time. We just don’t like it when our minds and hands are idle.

This is all for now, baby.



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