My new WAHM table


As a work from home mom, I need a corner at home where I can work without interruption, and where it’s convenient for me to stretch my legs and my arms. I bought a working table (big one complete with comfy chair) but when we transferred to a new flat, the table (which we just parked temporarily outside because of lack of space inside) vanished into thin air. Someone stole it. I am still looking for that perfect working table.

I spotted this table (see pics below) at Hawally when we went there last Dec. 7 to buy an iPod dock. Good thing I didn’t buy the first table that I saw at one of the stores. Not only that the first table I saw was expensive, the quality wasn’t also good — it looked so cheap as compared to the oneĀ  I bought at the same price, actually, at KD4.

WAHM table

It has a fan. It is adjustable. I can read a book here, or watch movies in my laptop since the table can be adjusted. On both sides of the legs, there are screws to adjust the height of the table.

The laptop guard on the table can be removed if the laptop is not in use or if I don’t want my laptop to be slanted.

There’s a drawer on the side where I can put the laptop guard or any stuffs.

This table is convenient when working in bed.

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