Happy 2012. Happy Leap Year!


2012. New Year. Leap Year.

I wasn’t aware that today’s year is leap year until I read it at WIKIPEDIA. This means, there’s an extra day for February – 29. So today’s year is not a common year.

I guess 2012 will be my year, too, for my professional growth as WAHM. I just purchased (Free Order) a domain from my hosting. It’s a beautiful gift at the start of this year. I will work on that new domain over the next few days prior to releasing it on my 3rd year as WAHM. How time flies. I still remember that fateful day of Jan 2009 when I vowed to never work for anyone else anymore. I am not closing my door for my dream job (international field). But for now, I feel blessed. I am blooming where I am planted. I just feel grateful that I can spend much time with my kids but lately though I have been busy with my deadlines at work.But at least, my kids get to see me most of the time – at home.

I have to catch up with my readings, too. I want to devote an hour everyday to finish my readings. I also would like to start, really start sewing my kids’ dresses (from scratch). I have so much to do but I need not overwhelm myself. Looking back over the past years, especially the year 2011 that has just recently passed, I realized how important time is. It just passes through so quickly, and if we’re not aware of how we peruse our time, we’d end up wasting most of it.

I haven’t prepared much for my goal setting for 2012 because I was beating a deadline on the eve of New Year. But, I didn’t let Dec31 pass without drafting a general goal for 2012. I was able to cover almost all aspects of my life in my goals for 2012, but I have yet to simplify them and make them more specific and attainable given the time frame of one year.

It’s important at the onset of the new year to have a clear path to tackle throughout the year. As much as possible, it should be on a daily plan scale and also should include a large scale – say plan for the whole year on what to achieve and how to achieve them. And if you have toddlers or children who will study a few years from the current year, it’s important to incorporate them as well. I still am battling with the dilemma on where should we really be living two years from now. It’s because two years from now, my 1st born will enter school. She’ll be 5 then, and I want her to have a good start at school. This year, I should (rather my hubby and I) be able to finally know where to settle — here or there. It’s just a matter of proper timing and execution.

Today’s the 4th of Jan. 2012. So far, so good.  The first three days of this month have been productive for me. I accomplished much, and worked so hard that last night (actually at 3am), I decided to declare Wednesday as my day off. This is the good thing of working for oneself. You can declare your own day offs without asking for anyone’s approval.

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope to post frequently here.

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