Dutdot.com is 3 years old! Belated happy birthday!


Posted on : 29-01-2012 | By : dutdot | In : Expat Blogging, Life's Musings, Mompreneurs


I’ve been heavily swamped with lots of work and preparations for our upcoming international and local flights this end of month. I’ve totally forgotten my blog’s 3rd year birthday! Ugh.

So this year 2012 marks my 3rd year of blogging at dutdot.com. I’ve been an absentee blogger lately because of personal and professional commitments. But I can say that I’m grateful that this blog has surpassed the 3-year itch! Hurrah to 300 more years of blogging.

I can’t blog for more today since I’m busily preparing for our travel to my home country two days from now. I’ll update soon.

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