Weight Watch 2013, other stuffs, and my daughter’s 4th birthday today


I weighed myself last night.

I still need to lose 6KG before July 1st. I don’t know how I’m gonna lose the excess 6KG in 2 months, just in time for my brother’s wedding in July.

I decided to cancel our June travel to Manila. But I’ll attend my brother’s wedding in Malaysia, along with my parents and two sibs. Hubby will travel with me to the PH but he’ll stay in Manila. Our two kids will be under the care of their new yaya. I’d be very sad to leave them behind for 12 days but my mind wouldn’t be at peace if I’d leave them in Manila. After the MY trip, I’ll go to the province to be with my younger sister.

Today’s my 1st born’s 4th birthday. How time flies! Though she’s not a skilled reader/writer yet, her wisdom is beyond her age. Last night, she asked me a profound question: “Why do we love, Mommy?” I was thinking how on earth would I answer that? But before I could open my mouth, she said, “…because we have a heart”…

I’m one proud momma. I love my 2 daughters so much.

This is a random blogging. My mind is off to researching about my daughter’s homeschool curriculum but I have a lot of things to do at work. This morning, I didn’t go out to work but decided to work from home. I think that from now on, with a new yaya at home, I’d just stay at home to work on my stuffs. It’s better that way. Yesterday, this lady/crew at Espressa didn’t welcome my presence. She removed the cord without asking permission from me. If she had a good attitude, she’d ask me politely before removing the cord.

Well, it’s OK. Lately, I also could not concentrate outside home. I just felt that, in the past, I was just wasting my money when I worked outside because I didn’t seem to finish anything.

This is all for now. I’ll be back soon.


What matters most


Posted on : 20-03-2013 | By : dutdot | In : Filipino Blogger, Life's Musings

Time flies so fast and it passes by without notice.

It’s been almost a year since I last blogged here.

There’s this feeling of guilt that envelopes me…for not giving shapes to my thoughts in the past.

But not anymore…

Writing or blogging is my way to connect to my soul. Due to the circumstances in the past, (e.g. my business sites were hacked including my personal blogs; we’re nannyless for almost 9 months, my kids weren’t homeschooled and didn’t attend the playgroup, and more), I somehow lost the connection with myself. Now that we have a maid from heaven, I’m trying to get back my life. I’m finding time to revisit my personal blogs. My business sites are up and running again (after they were hacked and blocked by Google). Thanks God.

So far, life’s been good. Blessings are pouring in. My husband and I have become more prayerful. After feeling so helpless for the past 9 months without a maid at home, I slowly learned not to feel sorry for my shortcomings. Though there were losses in some opportunities and on how we managed our time, I felt that everything happened to strengthen me as a person with other important roles in life (wife, mom, daughter, friend).

If there’s one thing that I learned for the past 9 months and up to present, I can sum it up in one word: AWARENESS.

No matter what life throws at us, intentionally or unintentionally, we have to be aware. When our awareness level is so high, nothing can deplete us or worry us. Awareness comes in all aspect of our life. When we’re aware of how we need God, our spiritual awareness will lead us through the ups and downs of life. When God is always present in us, it’s as everything runs smoothly from the moment we wake up to the moment we retire at night. Life becomes handy as well since there’s not much baggage to carry around.

Awareness in our mental, physical, emotional aspects is likewise important. When we’re mentally, physically, and emotionally aware, we’re always prepared to deal with our day-t0-day activities and our long-term plans. There isn’t much waste on one’s time, effort, and thoughts because any thing that we’re about to do, or are doing, synchronizes with what we want to achieve. When we’re not totally aware on how we’re using our time, resources, and other capabilities, we often find ourselves sluggish, irritable, and distracted. It’s what I discovered for the past 9 months when there was just so much to do but little time and no help at all in dealing with my two kids, work, and more. I wasn’t connected with the real thing that matters most. When I looked back, I discovered that I was lacking in awareness of myself, of others who are important to me.

It’s been two weeks that our new maid has been helping us at home, and life, in general. We’ve been helping her emotionally, mentally, and physically, too. Another thing that I learned in life is that everything is energy. Every person, thing that we meet, or get is because of the energy that we have and the kind of energy that we put into.

For two days now, I’ve been going out with the purpose of doing my work away from home. However, much as I’ve wanted to make the most of my time outside, I’ve noticed that my heart hasn’t been attuned with the demands and wishes of my mind.

I do things that aren’t a priority or necessary.

My thoughts wander from here to there.

There’s just so much clutter in my mind.

My hands are itching to blog, make a plan, and more.

But one thing does arise from all these cobwebs around me, AWARENESS.

And from there, I’m starting anew.

I welcome myself back at this blog – dutdot (not just a dot on the Web).