Dear Baby 2: First letter in 2013 for my 2nd baby


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Dear Baby K,

I missed writing letters for you and Ate. Oh, it’s really been ages since I last wrote you a letter. I’m so sorry for that. The past months/years? weren’t so conducive for me to write my thoughts about you, your developments and more. Now that somehow I’m getting back the so-called of balance of being a mother and a person, I’m trying to incorporate in my busyness this art of writing letters again – for you and Ate.

You’re now on your way to ‘terrible twos’. :)) Oh, sorry for that. I should say, ‘terrific twos’!

Wow. You’ve grown into a beautiful baby.

There’s one thing that you love to do – pinch Mommy or Ate or your new yaya. But it’s Mommy who you love to pinch the most.

You love to mimic Ate’s funny behavior when you’re mad. You go to her favorite spot and then cross your arms and your heads up while making face. So funny. So adorable — the two of you.

Three days ago, you uttered two sentences which really caught us off guard, Daddy and me. Here was the conversation:

1st scene:

You’re playing with the blocks and Daddy was calling you…

Daddy: “Come baby k…Come…”

You were so busy that you didn’t bother to look up.

Daddy: “Baby, come to Daddy. I wanna hug you”

He kept on ‘pestering’ you over and over again until you got ‘tired’…

Baby K: “Leave me….”

Where and how on earth did you learn that? Hahaha.

2nd scene:

Baby K: “let” (for chocolate)

Mommy: “Ask daddy”

Baby K: “Daddy, let”

Daddy: “milk”

Baby K: “let”

Daddy: “milk”

Baby K: “let”

Daddy: “drink your milk”

Baby K: “I don’t want”

Hehehe…Bravo, baby!

I have a lot of things to write about you, baby. However, since it’s been quite a long time that I haven’t gotten in touch with letter-writing (for you and Ate), I have to refresh my memory about all of your developments.

This is all for now, baby.

I love you.


Spiritual Awakening


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It’s good to be back.

not just in blogging.

but in truly ‘living’.

in doing the things that I should be doing…

such as becoming a dutiful homeschooling mom (formal homeschooling at

and becoming a better person everyday –

as a wife, mom, daughter, and friend…

and most of all, as a better Child of God.


Spiritual Awakening

When I was still in our country back home, I was (somehow) faithful, spiritual but I didn’t have a personal relationship with God until I met Him overseas – six years ago.

Our house (wherever we transfer here in KW) has been visited and blessed by bishops and priests. It’s only here overseas wherein we have felt a connection with God’s representatives in the form of priests and bishops. In my home country, it’s kinda hard to approach bishops more so ask them to dine with you.

As my faith has started to grow and strengthen everyday, I have also started to develop a personal relationship with God.

But there was something that was lacking…I didn’t know what it was – until…

…a few days back, something triggered me to really seek God and know Him more.

..that frightening news about the earthquake prediction in the Middle East…

in the latest report, this was denied by the USGS, stating that earthquakes cannot be predicted.

I felt a huge relief with the thought that there was no truth in the prediction. But I must admit that it made me panic. Along the way of my confusion during the past days (April 21 to April 22), I sought refuge in God’s Home and loving guidance. I went to the Blessed Sacrament and poured out my fears and anxieties to Him. I started to really internalize His words. I bought a Miracle Hour prayer booklet from the bookstore at the church and started using it on April 22.

Since then, a stronger personal relationship has emerged between me and my God. I have started to jot down all the Words of God during my prayer time. Linda Schubert’s Miracle Hour booklet has immensely helped me in transforming the way I pray.

Now, I can pray for less than two hours and sometimes it extends to over two hours because I am very much eager to know God and reflect on His words.

This morning, I read this status from Facebook – God Posts, “The more you love God’s Word and study it, the more you will love God’s Word and study it”, and this holds true to what I’m currently experiencing.

“To God, thank You so much for being faithful to me all the time and for not giving up on me. Thank You for always reminding me to be faithful to You, and for giving me the chance to have a stronger personal relationship with You. The void in my spiritual life has been suddenly filled up with Your Amazing Grace and Love. Thank You for protecting us, all of my family members here and in my home country, and overseas. Thank You for all the bountiful blessings and the recent award that I got. Thank You just for everything that I was, that I am…Thank You for being my Rock, and my All. AMEN!”