Dear Baby 2: First letter in 2013 for my 2nd baby


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Dear Baby K,

I missed writing letters for you and Ate. Oh, it’s really been ages since I last wrote you a letter. I’m so sorry for that. The past months/years? weren’t so conducive for me to write my thoughts about you, your developments and more. Now that somehow I’m getting back the so-called of balance of being a mother and a person, I’m trying to incorporate in my busyness this art of writing letters again – for you and Ate.

You’re now on your way to ‘terrible twos’. :)) Oh, sorry for that. I should say, ‘terrific twos’!

Wow. You’ve grown into a beautiful baby.

There’s one thing that you love to do – pinch Mommy or Ate or your new yaya. But it’s Mommy who you love to pinch the most.

You love to mimic Ate’s funny behavior when you’re mad. You go to her favorite spot and then cross your arms and your heads up while making face. So funny. So adorable — the two of you.

Three days ago, you uttered two sentences which really caught us off guard, Daddy and me. Here was the conversation:

1st scene:

You’re playing with the blocks and Daddy was calling you…

Daddy: “Come baby k…Come…”

You were so busy that you didn’t bother to look up.

Daddy: “Baby, come to Daddy. I wanna hug you”

He kept on ‘pestering’ you over and over again until you got ‘tired’…

Baby K: “Leave me….”

Where and how on earth did you learn that? Hahaha.

2nd scene:

Baby K: “let” (for chocolate)

Mommy: “Ask daddy”

Baby K: “Daddy, let”

Daddy: “milk”

Baby K: “let”

Daddy: “milk”

Baby K: “let”

Daddy: “drink your milk”

Baby K: “I don’t want”

Hehehe…Bravo, baby!

I have a lot of things to write about you, baby. However, since it’s been quite a long time that I haven’t gotten in touch with letter-writing (for you and Ate), I have to refresh my memory about all of your developments.

This is all for now, baby.

I love you.


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