Dear Baby1: First Letter in 2013 for my 1st baby


Posted on : 23-05-2013 | By : dutdot | In : Letters for my 1st baby, Overseas Homeschooling

Dear Baby Ate,

Hello Ate. It’s been quite a long time since I poured my heart out about how you’ve been doing. You’re now 4.2 years old.

Wow. How time flies!

We’re also now formally homeschooling. So sorry about the delay in homeschooling you. But glad though that we sort of waited for the right timing. You’re very much eager to learn now compared to when you’re a bit younger. You can also grab the concepts easily. We started formal homeschooling a day after you turned 4 last March 28. We’re now in lesson 27 of your pre-K curriculum. 133 lessons more and we’re done with your pre-K curriculum. I’m so happy at your rapid development. You know how to tell stories. I’m amazed at how you can easily memorize the lines and the sequence of events. Wow. Though you’re not a reader yet, you love to be read. You also know how to retell the stories. You also know how to write the letters now without assistance.

You’re a good big sister to your baby sister K. Whenever she pinches you, you’d just scream and cry. You never hurt her back. But awhile ago, you hit her head with the block that you were holding. Don’t do that again, Ate. I know that you’re a good sister to your baby sis. Whenever you feel angry at your baby sister because she’s pinching you, just hug her and kiss her. Remember, she’s still a baby, barely 2 years old, and she doesn’t know what’s wrong or right – yet.

Tonight, you and your sister are sleeping beside your yaya because Daddy’s not feeling well. Thank you for understanding. This morning, Daddy was the one who homeschooled you (for the first time) although Dad said you didn’t finish one portion of the lesson. He said that you weren’t that attentive. I told Dad that it’s normal with you so sometimes we need to adjust.

A few days back, it was your first time to attend a movie at the cinema. Oh, how you loved the movie – The Croods. Watching movies at the cinema (movies for kids) will be part of your homeschooling curriculum.

It’s 9minutes before 10p.m. now and I’m off to sleeping early today so that I’ll be able to homeschool you tomorrow morning. This is all for now.

I love you.


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