Virus, virus go away!: Dealing with flu season naturally

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Virus, virus go away!: Dealing with flu season naturally

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For five days, hubby had a flu. I got infected, too, because I stayed with him in our room. I knew it was so stup#d of me to stay with him but I was just darned too afraid to sleep alone (other room). My imagination – sometimes I don’t like it.

For the past 5 days, I let our two little girls sleep with their yaya. They’re still sleeping beside their yaya until now, much to my heart getting broken everyday.

It makes my heart break not to be with them at night in our bedroom. Our room, I guess, needs to be disinfected so since I’m still coughing (my hubby still coughs, too), it might need a few more days before the four of us will be reunited (in our bedroom).

The thing is, no matter how much we tried to protect our kids from getting the virus, they, too, got infected. The girls have runny noses, and my eldest daughter has a slight fever at 37.5, if it’s considered a slight fever at all. I am not panicking though because I give them enough vitamin C. But what worries me is that my youngest daughter is kinda sad for not sleeping beside us. It breaks my heart to see her cry. I remember on the first night that they did not sleep beside us, I told my youngest daughter, “It breaks my heart”, when she clung to me, and to which my eldest daughter said, “I’ll help you fix it, Mom”. Oh, and she’s so cute in saying those words. It got me tongue-tied.

Today, our nanny has clogged nose, too. So everyone of us in the household is now coughing and sneezing. Glad that we don’t have fever though esp. the kids because I just couldn’t stand it when they’re burning with fever, although it’s an indication that their bodies are fighting the infection. The way I see it, they just have runny noses, and a little cough, and it’s still under control because of the green barley drink that I give them. I pray that they’ll feel much better soon. In the past, when we didn’t have green barley at home and the kids weren’t feeling well, they usually ended up with high fevers that we would bring them to the hospital. It would often break my heart to see them with IV drips in their arms /feet, and witnessed the excruciating pains when the antibiotics were given to them via the drips. Ugh. Honestly, I hate medicines. A few hours earlier, hubby insisted that I drink two tablets of panadol 250mg each. I took them, anyway, because right now I don’t have enough supply of green barley with me. I’m awaiting for the next shipment next week from my sister.

Earlier tonight, I grilled one slice of lemon and squeezed the juice and sipped it. That was so therapeutic! I vomited the phlegm afterwards. I remember it’s how my late grandmother was coping with her flu – without doctor’s help, without the need for medication. I secretly scolded myself for not preparing the grilled lemon for my hubby’s fly. I totally forgot about it. He didn’t like it, anyway, when I offered him grilled lemon juice awhile ago.

So how should one naturally cope with the flu season – other than the green barley and grilled lemon?

1) drink ginger tea

2) eat garlic

3) have enough sleep

4) take loads of vitamin C thru oranges

5) drink peppermint tea

6) daily dose of honey on your coffee, tea, or plain water, or by itself

7) gargle salt water for sore throat

8) drink green tea

9) have enough rest

10) eat more protein

There are many other home remedies that you can do/take when flu strikes. The important thing is that you boost your immune system so that you can easily recover.

Yay, for me. I’m taking the night off now but hubby just ordered pizza from Domino’s. It’s what I’ve been craving since this afternoon. I might as well satisfy my taste bud first before I hit the sack. Off to reading a good book while waiting for the delivery guy.

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