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new Web site soon!

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When I started blogging in 2007 as a new expat in Kuwait (the posts were hosted in another site until I transferred here in 2009), it was merely to write about my homesickness, about my rants at the graduate school, and how I thought life in Kuwait would be boring.

After years of living here, I have finally considered this as my ‘home’ because it’s where we have built our family. Update as of March 2, 2018 (we’re now on our 11th year here!) Whoala!

I gave birth here for two three times. (Recently 4 months ago to my stillborn baby boy. Yes, I miscarried my 3rd baby)…

I realized that calling a place one’s home comes with life’s intricacies and delicacies.  No matter how hard life is, sometimes, there are just a lot of blessings to be thankful for. This is where we have met a set of new friends who have been there for us through thick and thin. This is where our spirituality has been nourished, and this is where our skills and knowledge on financial literacy have been founded and expanded. This is where we have created a new version of ourselves – for the better. Not that I’m saying we weren’t who we were when we were still in our home country. It’s like saying we are blooming where we are currently planted. It could have been the same if we’ve been elsewhere (read: other than Kuwait).

After almost six years of personal blogging here, (I started blogging in 2004 in the Philippines though. I had over 20 blogs/sites in 2004. lol) I thought of revamping the theme of this Web site to something that will be of help to others in knowing how it is to live in Kuwait. This will most probably help our families and friends back home to understand how we are doing here, the places that we are going, the foods and cuisines that we are eating, the malls that we are visiting, and so much more. Update as of March 2, 2018! I am back here at for good!

I am thinking of buying a new handy cam because I don’t think it would be a good idea to bring along my hubby’s Nikon D700.

Stay tuned for updates!

Update May 29, 2013

Hello! I’ve started to revamp the site. I opted to change the navigation at the header. I hid the previous menu (topics discussed before were about pregnancy, motherhood, letters for my baby, startup experiences, etc). I’ll create a new navigation that will match the new theme of the Web site. I opted not to buy a new domain. Though the new site will be more attuned for public’s consumption, the topics will still revolve about life’s touchpoints in Kuwait as an expat, in particular, and as a human being in general. This (new) site will help others (family members of OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers) and others who want to explore life in Kuwait.

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