Two years…


Posted on : 15-07-2015 | By : dutdot | In : Expat Blogging

Two years. 1 month.I finally found my way back to my 1st online home.

How I missed blogging here.

In 2013, I thought of exploring Kuwait…but my life in Kuwait has been on a roller coaster mode since 2013…lots of changes in my career, schedule, and priorities.

Today, July 15, 2015, I just changed the theme “Exploring Kuwait” to “When In Kuwait”…

Yeah, I haven’t explored much of Kuwait…as previously intended..but I have explored more about life…

WHEN IN KUWAIT blog aka will be here to stay. Glad that this Web site hasn’t given up on me, yet.

I’m back to what I love doing the most – blogging…connecting with my inner core.