Atopic dermatitis in baby’s skin


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Atopic dermatitis
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A few days back, I blogged about winter skin care for babies, that is, too much bathing is dangerous for their skin. Since last week, we decided to bath baby1 every two days. The dryness started to diminish, but, still my baby1 got rashes in almost 50% of her lower body.

We went to my baby’s pedia last 29th at Al Salam, and he advised us to use Cetaphil Lotion. We told him that we’ve been using cetaphil lotion to no avail so he advised us to cancel the 5KD consultation (baby has a health card; no health card @20KD), and go instead to a dermatologist at Al-Messila. My baby’s dermatologist said that my baby has Atopic Dermatitis, and he prescribed Nutraderm and Elocom Mometasone Furoate Cream for two weeks.

Atopic Dermatitis (AD)

My baby’s dermatologist said that AD is a type of eczema that is non-contagious but chronically reverting skin disorder. It is triggered by irritants in food (sweets, softdrinks), wool clothing, and other allergens. It is often itchy.

There’s no cure for eczema but can be relieved through using creams and moisturizers. My baby’s doc also told us that baby should not eat chocolates and drink softdrinks. We should also bath her every other day, and apply moisturizing lotion when her body is still damp.

I hope there will be an improvement in her skin after two weeks.

Read more about atopic dermatitis


Nutraderm and Elocom Mometasone are effective. After just four days, I saw a huge improvement in my baby’s skin.

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Winter skin care for kids: too much bathing is dangerous!


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Sometimes, being a new mom isn’t easy. There’s always trial and error in taking care of the 1st born. I should increase my reading habit when it comes to baby care. Even though my baby’s born in Kuwait, and she’s used to the weather here, still, her skin is delicate.

We’ve been using cetaphil lotion and soap on her body since her newborn days. But when there’s no stock of cetaphil lotion at home, we just use her mothercare lotion. A few months back, I noticed that her skin were flaky and rough. Normally, I’d just use Alfacort cream. The dryness and roughness weren’t that stubborn then. However, since the start of the year, the Alfacort and any other lotion that we applied (Glysolid Cream) didn’t do wonders anymore. My baby started to be fussy at night. She would ask me to scratch her legs for her (which I didn’t do so she’d end up scratching her legs!). I’d get up at night and put anything that would sooth the itchiness of her legs…and not it’s almost all over her body (arms, back). Poor baby.


We’ve been bathing my baby daily (of course, hygiene is very much important), with occasional washing of her face and body anytime of the day (when she poops, and before bed time). The result? DRY SKIN. We think that rosy cheeks are cute to have (all babies in Kuwait have rosy cheeks during winter) but, hell, rosy cheeks do hurt. Now, my baby’s cheeks have gone from rosy to flaky. It’s not good.

Too much bathing and soap removes the skin’s natural oils. This is the main cause of dry skin. Dry climates make it worse, as does winter weather (“winter itch”) ~ KidsGrowth


From KidsGrowth, here are the things that we can do to take good care of our kids’ skin:

  • Soap and bathing – avoid soaps, detergents, and bubble bath
  • Twice a week bathe or shower in plain water
  • Use lubricating cream
  • Use humidifier (we have in our room, and it’s not helping, I think)

I applied greenbarley juice (topical) in my baby’s skin, and the roughness has started to fade. I will continue applying the juice until my baby’s skin has gotten back to normal.

Oh, I hope winter’s over soon…but I also hate the scorching heat of the sun at over 50 degrees. Well, at least, our skin is normal during summer.

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Tip for work-at-home moms: Get enough sleep!


Sometimes working at home full time as a mom is enough to consume our energy and time. For the past few days, even at sleep, all I could think of was the next big idea. It was already 5a.m this morning when sleep finally chased me. The lesson I learned is to get enough sleep! I now take a nap for 30minutes or 1 hour a day, enough to refresh my tired body and mind.

Having a WAHM Career is a challenge because most of the time, I can only sit in front of my laptop when everyone in the household, especially, my baby is asleep. But well, after all, she’s the reason why I opted to work from home. I want to witness every single bit of her development.

What’s your utmost reason for being a work-at-home mom, and how do you manage to get enough sleep with all the demands of running the household and your personal career as a WAHM?

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“Life is too short for the wrong job”

1 Ad

The ad says it all. Don’t be stuck at the wrong job, and wrong company.

I used to be a corporate slave for over 10 years until I decided to WORK FOR MYSELF barely 2 years ago. Life is too short for the wrong job! I my WAHM Career!

The above is my bio at twitter. Follow me @

Half of my work experience for over a decade was spent on either the wrong job or wrong company.

It’s liberating to finally do what I love to do – working for myself when I want to, the way I want to – no lipstick, no heels, in my pajamas, in my pregnancy clothes, with my legs on top of the comfy chair, with a hot glass of Anmum milk beside me, with my baby on my lap, with her beside me when she’s asleep. Ahhhhh LIFE is too awesome when you’re at the right JOB – it’s not even a job, it’s lifestyle.

Thank God there’s a career for me as a work-at-home mom. There’s one for you, too. Let’s talk.

Kuwait’s 1st Half-Marathon’s Run 2011


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Whew. So ecstatic to read and blog about the event — Kuwait’s 1st Half-Marathon Run! I’d be happier, if I could join it, but I’m pregnant! Anyway, I am sure that there will be a 2nd run, and more to follow.

I’ve been planning to join such activity to help me tone my body, and of course, to help raise funds by running for a cause. It’s only now that I found out such event in Kuwait through the portal, Kuwait Charity Run (KCR). It is a nonprofit organization founded “to encourage community members, runners, and athletes to raise funds and donations for good causes and engage in outdoor sports activities”.

KCR teamed up with Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice to raise funds and awareness within the Kuwait community. Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice “is a dream based on the promise made to Abdullah which will allow children with terminal conditions to be looked after at home or in the hospice itself”.

About the Race:

The race will take place on Saturday, March 19th 2011 at 8am on the Gulf Road.

If you’re one who’s keen on joining this event, you may now register and donate for the race at the following locations:

C Club Address:
Salmiyah, Bida Cooperative Street.

Extreme Sports Address:
1- Hamad Almubarak Street, Salmiya
2- AL-Tilal Complex, Shuwaikh
Phone: 25755898/ 22254567

Make sure you have read the conditions of entry prior to registration.Well, it’s a must, too, that you have comfortable and quality running shoes.


I’d be informing my hubby about the marathon run. He might as well be interested to participate. That would mean buying him a new pair of running shoes. He has been telling me that he’d buy at the mall, but, I told him “only if you’re going to use them”. Should he join the event, we should be scouting for running shoes pretty soon, either at the mall or online since we already tried on purchasing items via online, and they arrived safely.

ASICS Men's GEL-Kayano 16 Running Shoe

Interestingly, I saw this picture of running shoe from Amazon, and I’d show this to hubby as soon as he gets home, for he might like it.

It looks like his old running shoe when we were still in the Philippines, only that he got it from Greenhills Shopping Mall.

Brand of Running Shoe: ASICS Men’s GEL-Kayano 16 Running Shoe

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