Speak-Kuwaiti Book.


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My Speak-Kuwaiti copy is here!

I’ll post a review soon.

Kuwait Amnesty 2011: steps in obtaining a travel document for Filipinos at the Philippine Embassy


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I processed my sister’s visit visa at the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait, and went there for a week and processed the papers for two times, paid two times).This calls for a separate post so you won’t repeat the mistakes I underwent; too bad, they weren’t hardly my mistakes.

Anyway, the best thing that could expedite any form of transaction is when steps are clear; hence, this post.

For those who are availing of the Kuwait Amnesty Program 2011, here are the steps in obtaining travel document at the Philippine Embassy in Jabriya.

Step1: Distribution of Forms.(Mr. Noel Q. Japitana, Guardhouse)

Step2: Screening of Applicants

Step2a: Ms. Catherine Gison

Step2b: Mr. Abdulhalim Langco

Without any proof of identification, go to: Ms. Virginia Vicente or Mr. Nabil Tarosan

Step3: Assembly of Travel Documents (Mr. Edifredo Dabuet)

Step4: Releasing of Travel Documents

Step5: Go to Immigration Department for Stamping of Unified Number.

Step6: Confirmation (Give photocopy of Travel Document with Unified No. stamp to the Embassy and provide flight details)

NOTE from the embassy: Processing/follow-up/claiming of travel documents are strictly personal to the owner. Release to representative shall only be allowed if s/he can present an authorization letter. Please bring photocopy of the proof of identity of the owner and the representative (with signatures and contact nos.).

Kuwait Amnesty 2011 for foreigners with violations in their residencies


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Regulations of departure for foreigners with violations in the Residency Law:

  1. Kuwait expatriates who have violations on residence regulations are FREE TO LEAVE the country from March 1st to June 30th 2011. Such expatriates are free from any punishment or penalty in accordance with Ameri Decree # 17/79 provided they have no pending criminal charges.
  2. Those who want to have a residence permit and ready to pay the prescribed penalty may not be brought to investigation upon settling their obligations.
  3. Expatriates who will be apprehended by authorities after the elapse of the specific period due to violation of residence permit regulations shall be deported immediately.
  4. Expatriates who will leave the country in accordance with the resolution can be allowed to return to Kuwait.
  5. Expatriates with violations in their residencies and opt not to leave the country within the prescribed period shall not be allowed to obtain residence permit. They will also be deported and not allowed to return to Kuwait.

(adapted from the brochure of the MOI Kuwait)

Blog update amidst the sandstorm in Kuwait


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I’ve been meaning to update my blog for a couple of days now, but, every time I’d open my dashboard, I just couldn’t push through with my thoughts. First and foremost reason, my thoughts are overwhelming me once again because I have been out of tune lately with this blog. I just don’t know where to start. The weather outside, cool, gloomy, sandy is just too way irresistible so let me continue blogging while I’m in the mood. Not that I welcome sandstorms though but I find gloomy weather to be conducive in writing my overwhelming thoughts. At least, I got the first topic to talk about.

A massive sandstorm hit Kuwait last March 25th, supposed to be the birthday party of my two-year old. The day was turned into night, literally. Watch the video below.

Our guests called informing us that they wouldn’t make it because of the bad weather and zero visibility conditions. We’re still lucky to get 9 adult visitors and 3 children that night. We really had a lot of food, and even though I already gave a lot to our visitors, still, there were a lot of leftover. In fact, as of this writing, we still have one bowl of the leftover food. Yay, that long, you may say – 10 days to be exact, and we still have a leftover food. We were expecting some 30 visitors that night. But, well, safety is more important than having them risk to join us in our party.

Yesterday, and until today, it’s sandstorm again in Kuwait. I postponed going to Kuwait City yesterday even though I craved for halo-halo because of the weather. Hubby is now at home (undertime) because he and the rest of his colleagues were urged to go home earlier because of the sandstorm. I hope the sandstorm wouldn’t be as bad as that of the sandstorm 10 days ago.

Though I feel like “writing” for more updates, my fingers suddenly got tired. Ahh, pregnancy blues, or, perhaps, the gloomy weather outside is now taking its toll on my mood swings, or, perhaps, I am too sleepy. I’m craving for Domino’s Pizza, but, not sure if it’s OK to ask the delivery man to go to our house. It’s better to sleep this boredom away.

Iphone 4


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Meet my new ‘baby’ – Iphone4, a gift from hubby last night. Supposedly, this would be given after my childbirth in June, but I couldn’t wait to get hold of an Iphone. I was eyeing for Iphone 5, but I doubt about its date of release.

I have yet to get my old SIM card be converted into microsim to fully use the Iphone. There’s a stall in Kuwait City that cuts regular SIM card to microsims so there’s no need to buy new microsims.

Since 1994, I don’t actually remember how many phones I bought or was given to me. In 1994, my 1st mobile phone was samsung, a gift from my mother. Then, I bought more phones. The 1st phone I had was snatched from me when I was riding the jeepney from office to MRT station in Quezon Ave. — to my horror. I guess, from 1994 to the present time, I already have used/bought over a dozen of mobile phones – from Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, to Iphone.

This year, I only have 5 left with me.

Imate, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung

Last night, I was awake until 3:30a.m. tinkering my new phone. I am really into it – so addicted!  I am making a new blog about Iphone Escapade in Kuwait at http://iphonescapade.dutdot.com. See you soon there!

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