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Why do people study or work at coffee shops

Have you ever asked yourself why you frequently see people studying or working on their laptops, books, etc at the coffee shops? Have you ever asked yourself why you’re always at the coffee shops with your big laptop bag, books, chargers, and other gadgets? It’s just recently that I began…

Virus, virus go away!: Dealing with flu season naturally

   Health & Beauty,Life's Musings   May 27, 2013  Comments Off on Virus, virus go away!: Dealing with flu season naturally

For five days, hubby had a flu. I got infected, too, because I stayed with him in our room. I knew it was so stup#d of me to stay with him but I was just darned too afraid to sleep alone (other room). My imagination – sometimes I don’t like…

Spiritual Awakening

   Filipino Blogger,Life's Musings,Spirituality   April 23, 2013  Comments Off on Spiritual Awakening

It’s good to be back. not just in blogging. but in truly ‘living’. in doing the things that I should be doing… such as becoming a dutiful homeschooling mom (formal homeschooling at and becoming a better person everyday – as a wife, mom, daughter, and friend… and most of…

What matters most

   Filipino Blogger,Life's Musings   March 20, 2013  Comments Off on What matters most

Time flies so fast and it passes by without notice. It’s been almost a year since I last blogged here. There’s this feeling of guilt that envelopes me…for not giving shapes to my thoughts in the past. But not anymore… Writing or blogging is my way to connect to my… is 3 years old! Belated happy birthday!

   Expat Blogging,Life's Musings,Mompreneurs   January 29, 2012  Comments Off on is 3 years old! Belated happy birthday!

Hello. I’ve been heavily swamped with lots of work and preparations for our upcoming international and local flights this end of month. I’ve totally forgotten my blog’s 3rd year birthday! Ugh. So this year 2012 marks my 3rd year of blogging at I’ve been an absentee blogger lately because…