Dear Baby 2: First letter in 2013 for my 2nd baby


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Dear Baby K,

I missed writing letters for you and Ate. Oh, it’s really been ages since I last wrote you a letter. I’m so sorry for that. The past months/years? weren’t so conducive for me to write my thoughts about you, your developments and more. Now that somehow I’m getting back the so-called of balance of being a mother and a person, I’m trying to incorporate in my busyness this art of writing letters again – for you and Ate.

You’re now on your way to ‘terrible twos’. :)) Oh, sorry for that. I should say, ‘terrific twos’!

Wow. You’ve grown into a beautiful baby.

There’s one thing that you love to do – pinch Mommy or Ate or your new yaya. But it’s Mommy who you love to pinch the most.

You love to mimic Ate’s funny behavior when you’re mad. You go to her favorite spot and then cross your arms and your heads up while making face. So funny. So adorable — the two of you.

Three days ago, you uttered two sentences which really caught us off guard, Daddy and me. Here was the conversation:

1st scene:

You’re playing with the blocks and Daddy was calling you…

Daddy: “Come baby k…Come…”

You were so busy that you didn’t bother to look up.

Daddy: “Baby, come to Daddy. I wanna hug you”

He kept on ‘pestering’ you over and over again until you got ‘tired’…

Baby K: “Leave me….”

Where and how on earth did you learn that? Hahaha.

2nd scene:

Baby K: “let” (for chocolate)

Mommy: “Ask daddy”

Baby K: “Daddy, let”

Daddy: “milk”

Baby K: “let”

Daddy: “milk”

Baby K: “let”

Daddy: “drink your milk”

Baby K: “I don’t want”

Hehehe…Bravo, baby!

I have a lot of things to write about you, baby. However, since it’s been quite a long time that I haven’t gotten in touch with letter-writing (for you and Ate), I have to refresh my memory about all of your developments.

This is all for now, baby.

I love you.


Dear Baby1: 94th natural letter for my 1st baby


T H E  94th  L E T T E R

Dec. 17, 2011 @ 3:20p.m.

Dear Baby1,

Howdy, baby! How are you now?

Ohhh, I wish you will eat well. When you were 1.4 years old, you’d eat by yourself, and you would chew your food properly. Now at barely 3 years old, it takes you 2 hours to finish your food! Ohh no…You also don’t chew your food. You just let them stay on your mouth for ages. However, when we eat outside, or when there’s a party, you tend to eat properly and you chew your food well. Is it just the venue or the food, baby? This reminds me to print the PDF of foods for toddler.

At your little sissy’s christening, you impressed the guests with your wits. You spoke in straight English when asked. You were so behaved, at first. After awhile though, you mingled with the visitors, and you played with them.

There was a funny incident last week.  I told you that I’d be giving you a new laptop, Mommy’s old Dell XPS, newly reformatted so it’s as good as brand new. I was trying to help you when you pushed me to go away from you. You told me to do my thing in my Apple Macbook Pro, and when I was seated on the sofa (in front of my laptop), you told me to turn around, meaning to face my laptop so I wouldn’t mind what you’re doing. You just don’t want to be taught. You’ve long wanted to be independent – in reading, writing, and in learning anything. But, baby, you need me to teach you first.

There was an instance in reading your book when you insisted that the sound of the letters “am” (aaaammm) was “sa” (ssaaaa)…Haha.

I hope that you’ll be reading anytime soon. Just allow mommy to teach you, baby. I’m glad though that this morning, you were trying to mimic the instructions on the DVD of shapes and colors. I think every morning we’ll be doing that.

This is all for now.



Dear Baby2: 4th natural letter for my 2nd baby


T H E  4th L E T T E R

Dec. 18, 2011 @ 3:00p.m.

Dear Baby2,

Hi baby! It’s a week to go and finally it’s Christmas! Your first Christmas with daddy, mommy, and ate. Wow.

You’re now six months, and you have been eating solid on your first day as 6-month old baby. Thank God you just love food but lately I controlled what you eat because I want you to drink more milk than eat your solid. At this stage, milk should be your main source of nutrients.

Ten days ago, you had your christening. Thank God for the blessings. You cried a lot during the ceremony at the church. 😉 I will upload the selected pics as soon as I receive the last set from the photographer.

At six months, you started to roll over every time there’s poop on your diaper. You also “talk” a lot, nonstop, and you sing a lot, too. As always, you adore your big sissy so much. Lately though, when Mommy goes out of the room, you cry. I make it a point now to be with you for at least 7 hours a day. You now sleep with your yaya at night so Mommy will have enough energy in the morning to take good care of you and Ate, and in the afternoon, I can do my work.

It’s so cold outside so it’s just daddy and mommy who go out at night or even during the day. There are times that we bring Ate along with us. Soon, baby, when you’re big enough to weather the freezing cold of the night or day, you’ll go along with us – anywhere. Promise. I’m just scared to let you go out at night because majority of the people outside have colds. I still could not forget the time that you were admitted at Al Salam at 3 months with drip attached on your hand.

You have been wanting to sit down, and you just couldn’t yet. But nowadays, you’re sitting on your side, your left/right arm on the bed for support. You could not last a minute or two without doing something like watching Baby Einstein, or toying something with your hands, or humming a song while doing another thing. You’re just like your big sissy. You’re both like daddy and mommy. We hate wasting time. We just don’t like it when our minds and hands are idle.

This is all for now, baby.



Dear Baby1: 93rd natural letter for my 1st baby


T H E  93rd  L E T T E R

Nov. 30, 2011 @ 6:37p.m.

Dear Baby1,

Howdy, my baby1!

Thank God Mommy’s OK now. I have no more coughs and colds after 17 days. I still cough from time to time (allergy perhaps) but there’s no more phlegm so it’s quite safe now. Last Nov. 26, you had this slight fever of 37.5-37.7 deg C. You slept beside Mommy and Daddy. Good thing your fever didn’t push through. By the way, baby, thank you for “taking good care” of BBK when Mommy and Daddy were sick. Thank you for making her laugh.

You just celebrated your birthday (30th month) last Nov. 27. You are still so petite baby, for your age. But your mental development has grown rapidly. You simply amaze Mommy and Daddy.

Tonight, you amazed us even more when you were able to follow the song from the DVD The Piano Man. You rock, baby. You’re gifted, indeed. I am pretty sure that you will make it big in the music industry — someday. You will make it big in LIFE, generally.

Over the next days, weeks, months, there will be changes in our household. You and your little sister will have a new nanny. Let’s hope and pray that your new nanny will really be the ONE.

After our event next week, we’ll resume our reading sessions.

This is all for now.



Dear Baby1: 92nd natural letter for my 1st baby


T H E  92nd  L E T T E R

Nov. 23, 2011 @ 10:39p.m.

Dear Baby1,

I’m writing to share with you what had just happened a few hours ago. Your Ninang J visited you, and she was trying to get you out of your room. You told her (by signing) about feeling something by putting your hands on your forehead and covering your mouth and nose. It’s the gesture you got from mommy because it’s what I was “telling” you for over two weeks — that Mommy’s been sick so we just couldn’t play. For over a week, you and BB K were just inside the room, playing with iPad, reading with Mr. Walter, and writing.

You see Ate A, you’re such a bright child and a kind one, too. You’re so kind enough to understand why you needed to stay away from Mommy. Oh, I miss you so much, and BB K, too.

I think by tomorrow, Mommy’s gonna be OK. I hope! But I will make sure that I’m no longer coughing. I just read awhile ago that when there’s coughing accompanied with phlegm, it’s contagious. I have to be very careful. I want you both to be healthy especially during this winter time.

I went to Al Salam hospital, and got the results of the urine culture. I cried upon seeing that you’re totally clear of microorganisms! Hurrah. No more eating of hotdogs, and please do drink lots of water, my baby.

This is all for now.