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UPDATE: June 6, 2013

This FAQ page no longer holds true. I’ve recently revamped this site from momblogging to exploring/living in Kuwait. I’m not deleting this old FAQ page but will make a new FAQ page — soon.


<<FAQs 2009 – 2010>>

Q: What is dutdot all about?

A: Dutdot is a parenting and baby care blog written through a mother’s natural letters for her baby. Originally, dutdot was the mother’s (author’s) touchpoints on pregnancy, momhood, career, startups, books, and more. However, since the mother-author has lots of blogs, she opted to separate her other identities into other blogs. She opted to focus on her role as a startup mom and her journey in raising her first baby in this blog,

Q: What exactly is the meaning of dutdot?

A: Dutdot is a bikolano term for ‘touch’. The mother-author’s meaning for dutdot (if translated into English) is about ‘A MOTHER’S TOUCH’. It naturally means showing her love for her baby.

Q: What is the goal of dutdot – a mother’s touch?

A: The goal of this blog is to enable the mother-author to document everything about her baby during the pregnancy period, infancy, puberty, and adulthood of her child. Oftentimes, the memories don’t serve us long enough and our children would often ask us about how they’ve been doing when they were still young.

In other words, I, as a mother, am now equipped to answer my child’s inquisitive mind about her past. Knowing how she’s been doing when she’s young would aid her throughout her growing years. There are also many moments that I would not be able to exactly tell my child about what exactly happened at a certain time so this blog would serve that purpose, as well. As a child, I also have been curious to know how I had been doing; I would always ask my mom about my infancy, childhood, and even way back when she carried me in her womb and about the way I went out of her womb to welcome the world.

Q: Is dutdot – a mother’s touch a book in the making?

A: Absolutely. The first part will be out as soon as I have the time to collect the letters. This will cover the letters from pregnancy period to my baby’s first years. As for the growing years of my baby, that is, childhood, puberty, and adult life, let me answer that when we reach there, that is, if I would still be publishing a book about that. Of course, those growing up years would entail much care and privacy. But definitely, my letter-writing (privately) to my baby won’t stop even until she’s already a grown-up person. I guess it’s up for my baby then if she’d publish my future letters.

Q: Why does the dutdot-the-blog contain other posts that were not written as natural letters for your baby but as regular posts? Do you intend to keep them?

A: As I mentioned previously, the used to be my touchpoints for everything that I am – a mom, startup founder, bookworm, netrepreneur, and more. It’s only on Oct. 15, 2009 that I opted to focus on making a parenting and baby care blog through my natural letters for my baby. I intend to keep those regular blog posts, but, of course, they wouldn’t be published in my book.

>>UPDATES in FAQs (2011)<<

Q: has recently changed from mere natural letter writing blog to blog posts about your life as a work-from-home mom? Why the sudden change?

A: After spending almost two years at home with my baby, and doing my online business for the past 1.5 years, and now I’m pursuing my love for writing and Internet marketing, I opted to transform this blog into something that speaks of me in totality. I am both a startup mom and startup founder. Working on my own as a WAHM has allowed me more discoveries and wonderful realizations and opportunities. It’s time that I share this wisdom with moms out there. The world is evolving. Jobs have evolved, too. Just because we chose to stay at home doesn’t mean our personal career has ended. Our kids would grow up; they would find their own niches. Moms should be prepared for that. By becoming equipped personally and financially on our own, we wouldn’t feel the burden of catching up with the lost times. WAHMoms should realize that it’s never too late to maximize the benefits of working from home for personal and professional reasons.

Q: How long do you intend to be a work-from-home mom? Do you still dream of going back to the corporate world?

A: My 1st born is now 21 months. I told myself that I’d just stay at home and work from home for two years. The fruits have been wonderful. I have lots of moments and memories with my baby. I saw how she grew up into an amazing toddler. With this arrangement of working from home, I work when I want to — I mean, I can choose my time in working. Currently, I am pregnant with my 2nd baby. After childbirth and some months or years after it, I’ll answer your question. But honestly, there are times when I still think of my stint at the corporate world. Sometimes, too, I imagine myself going back to it – maybe, in due time. I’m not closing doors. For now, I am enjoying much the privilege of being a full time mom and a work-from-home mom. Just recently, I have a dream of pursuing my advocacy to influence moms out there to never stop looking after their own personal growth.I was able to find my voice while being a stay at home mom; other moms could do it. WE ARE NOW THE NEW WOMEN. What and who is a new woman? A new woman shouldn’t be guilty of pursuing her passions in life while attending to family affairs. Some would give up careers for the sake of the children. There has to be a way. The Internet, technology, social media are a great help for today’s woman. It’s not easy to juggle all the vital roles of a woman, especially, a married one. This is a path I am now pursuing — helping other moms find a balance between work and life.It’s like creating an awareness for moms about WORK-FROM-HOME CAREER.

Q: The New Woman. Wow. It’s a great advocacy. You’d touch a lot of women, moms, especially, with your advocacy to create awareness about work-from-home career. Have you started with your project? Do you intend it to be global or local?

A: It’s in the making now. Pretty soon, I will announce the site. I hope to start locally, I mean, in my current location, Kuwait. I know that through my advocacy, I’d be able to help those wives here who are on a dependent visa, who cannot work outside because they have kids to take care of, those who are student-moms, and more. I think that, in a way, my project will touch the international audience. There are many expats here or potential expats who might be inspired with pursuing their passions even when at home.

Q: Great to hear that! You have a lot of time to do your advocacy, your online business, your writing gigs, and running your personal and family life. How do you balance your work-life?

A: Thank you. Being a work-from-home mom for two years now has given me lots of lessons – sometimes, the hard way. There were times in the past when I felt like the world is upon me. It’s too hard not to have a househelp overseas while I struggle to learn the art and science of being a new mom. I am a career-oriented person, too. It wasn’t that easy to give it up so suddenly. For several months, I did nothing with my career – even at home. But gradually, I learned to manage my time and self without a househelp. When we were given a chance to have a fulltime nanny here – overseas – I was somehow relieved, but I am still a hands on mom. With your question as to how I balance my work-life, I just recently wrote an entry about it; you can find it here.

Q: Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the path that your Web site, DUTDOT, is tracking. You’re a great inspiration. I wish you luck and fun in your endeavors.

A: Thank you, too, for this interview. To be of help to my family and to humanity, even just a part of it, is something that I have prayed for. With God’s help, everything will happen. We only have to believe.