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With the recent change in the theme of this Web site (momblogging site to exploring/living in Kuwait), I think I owe you a new page about me.

I’m dutdot. I wear many hats – from dutiful wife of a geeky husband, to homeschooling mom of two girls, to startup founder, Internet marketer, book-eater, and more. I’ll consume much of your time if tell you about what makes me busy. So let’s just focus on who/what I am in this revamped site: I’m a Pinay expat in Kuwait.

Ooopps, I think I have to tell you this: “I live in Kuwait by day, at the cyberspace at night, and in between, in the comfort of my books and ebooks”…

I’ve been in Kuwait for 6 years and counting. Those years, so far, have been kind to me. I have learned to bloom where I’ve been planted. I’ve considered Kuwait as my home away from home, the place where my hubby and I have build our family.

Explore this page as I continue on exploring Kuwait. The purpose of this revamped site is for my family members back home, and the family members of Kuwait OFWs to experience how it is to live and breath in Kuwait through this site.

To God be the glory,

Pinay Expat in Kuwait


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