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I’m mom dutdot, the mother-blogger-bookworm-netrepreneur-social media junky at DUTDOT-the-blog. I guess you already read something about me at the about page of this blog, and you want to know more about me…

Dutdot-the-online name is my alter ego. Dutdot the blog is my sounding board.

Quick Bio:

I used to be a corporate slave for over 10 years until I decided to WORK FOR MYSELF barely 2 years ago. Life is too short for the wrong job and wrong company! I my WAHM Career!

I am a Filipina expat mom with flexible working hours in the comfort of my bed/working area in my home office. I heard from George Burns that we shouldn’t stay in bed, unless we can make money in bed. I do. Currently, I “work” in my pregnancy clothes, with my legs on a comfy chair, with hot glass of Anmum milk on my hand, with my 22-month old baby beside me, and I get money anytime of the day. What’s more interesting is that I don’t just have an ordinary job; I have a lifestyle of freedom — as a mom, and a working-mom-from home.

I’m the pioneer of WAHM Career in Kuwait. I’m helping other moms, who are in a similar situation like me – with babies to take care of, to take good advantage of the technology, social media, and the Net to start their WAHM careers. Let’s talk.

I live with my lovely family in Planet K-Pax. Wonder where it is? I also do. I got inspired by the movie, K-Pax, in 2001, I think, and could hardly forget the story.


Oh, we live in Kuwait, in a place wherein I could hardly go out alone; I’ve learned to miss and love this country. There are times though that I wish I am in another country just so I can go out ALONE, I mean, where I can walk (alone) leisurely. But, well, I am blooming where God has planted me.

Mostly, though, when alone with my thoughts, I live at the cyberspace with my online business, and in between, in the comfort of my books and e-books.

Other than my online business, my development/advocacy projects, and startup sites, I am also taking a dare in affiliate marketing. I realized early on this year of 2011 that all I want is a lifestyle, not a job. What I want is personal freedom – time for my hubby, my growing babies, my family, myself, and my community. is my sounding board as a startup mom and startup founder.


I became a mom in my early 30s on the night of March 27th 2009. Although, technically, I became a first time mom the moment I conceived her in 2008; I just don’t know about the month, the day, the time.

I have a gifted baby, who learned how to talk at 17days; who said “i love you” to me at 5 months; who uttered the word Daddy/Dad ahead than the word Mommy/Mama; who started writing at 1 year old; and, more.

I’m currently a work-from-home mom, with lots of works on the side – businesses, self-development, helping other people, and more. The most rewarding experience I ever got into is to become a full-time mommy to my baby girl. I got to know her better; I got to smell her armpit a lot; I got to kiss her and hug her anytime I wanted to. It’s simply amazing to become a mother. Even though I was so afraid in getting pregnant, or, rather in delivering my baby, it’s the most painful yet rewarding process I did in my life. Ask me if I wanted to have a second baby – yes, I guess so. In that case, I would like to have a baby boy for my second child, if God allows me to be pregnant again, most probably, in 2013. I’d be probably old then to conceive a second child, but, old age is just a number. I’m currently pregnant with my second baby, and she’s a girl – again! Yey! I am due on June 15(+/-) 2011. Update: I gave birth to my 2nd gifted baby last June. Thank God!

This is an unfinished bio. More to be added as soon as the need arises. My cells are changing every 11 months so expect more updates to come.

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